July 15th at White Springs

Well, here is my blog.  I will be back logging quite a bit.  But, for starters here is a day well spent with my good friends, Janna, Jerry, Sean, & Sooz at Sooz’s lovely hideaway.  Nothing better than being with people who inspire you and feel the same way you do.  Here are some of my out-takes from the day.  I thought they were blog worthy:)

Janna in Red Room - Jennifer Kaczmarek

Red Room at White Springs

Janna Running at White Springs - Jennifer Kaczmarek

 Laying in White Springs - Jennifer Kaczmarek

Inside the Chicken Coup - Jennifer Kaczmarek

In the chicken coup

Head Down Chicken Coup - Jennifer Kaczmarek

I’m adding this image simply because I like it.  Jerry who is sitting next to me says, he simply doesn’t understand it.  Too bad for him.

Does anyone want to comment? 

Outside the Chicken Coup - Jennifer Kaczmarek

Do you prefer Color or B&W?

Outside the Chicken Coup B/W - Jennifer Kaczmarek

12 thoughts on “July 15th at White Springs

  1. Your photography is fantastic. You have a great eye. Your model has a simple beauty about her. The black & white photo at the end is probably my favorite. Look forward to seeing more.


  2. I have to say that I like the color. I’m a huge fan of B&W but I love the contrast between the green foliage and her skin. Since the natural color of the ground is in the browns and greys it almost looks like the bottom half of the picture is B&W and the top half is in color. LOVE the picture!


  3. The kids are great! Growing and changing so much that it kind of freaks me out.

    I always enjoy your art – keep the pictures coming! My absolute favorite is the picture on your website of the family at the dining room table. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!


  4. In this case i prefer the color shot. It gives me a stronger liking of the picture as a whole. Although b&w has a purpose in many other of your applications on film.


  5. Keep up the good work Jen Jen. I’m loving what I’m seeing. Soon, once your series of photos are done, I know someone, somewhere will promote your work. Why would they not! I truly believe in your work and what inspires your work!


  6. Ravishing. Would like a better look at the Tattoo’s? What is that on her lower back? Color is better, the Black and white might have worked with black and white film.

    What turns me on about the pictures is the reality of life on a farm. Have had chickens and lived in an area like that. Miss it.

    Going naked to grab some eggs… away from the city, where life surrounds you. In an area where you don’t need to cut the grass weekly… Heaven.

    This had the energy of a getaway in the pictures, was hanging out there.


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