Sunday, October 18th



Last Thursday through Sunday was the 17th Annual Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, FL.  Usually I try to go to photograph around at different places, but this year, being the starving artist that I am- I decided to work the event.   Frankly, a girl can make some good money. 

I did bring my camera, but I never had the time to shoot.  If I do it again in February, I will definitely leave a day free for shooting, because I saw so much happening before my eyes, but couldn’t get to it.  There is nothing more frustrating then to see an image taking place in front of you and not being able to capture it.

It’s a really cool event.  The people come from all over to see and be seen, and have a great time.  Some of these motorcycles are pretty amazing. I was able to meet a lot of nice, and interesting people. 

When I got home Sunday night I was pretty exhausted.  I tucked in Bella and Chloe’ who both had fevers, poured myself a couple of glasses of wine to unwind, and hung out with Jack for a little.  He was pretty happy to see me and wasn’t quite tired yet. I pulled out my camera and got some  great images in a short amount of time. 

This particular image made my day, I think I will have to have it printed large scaled.  I’m never sure if people will respond to something I take as strongly as I do.  I know everyone sees things differently, but this image helped mend the sorrow feeling I had of not being able to really shoot the past few days.  I look at this image and feel an escape from this world.  Feeling as though I am a child  transcended into another magical place. 

 And, Jack has no inclination of the magnitude of the gift he has just given me.

jack skeleton

I am currently working on an interview with an amazing artist, and good friend of mine – Adam Pollina.  It will be done soon for the New York Optimist Magazine.  Wait till you hear what he has to say…

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