Saturday, October 24th

Chloe’s 5th Birthday~ Halloween Bash

Addams Family & friends

Introducing The Addams Family with our dear little friends Alyssa and London.  My friend Milisa took this with her cell phone.

The Addams Family is Chloe’ and Bella’s favorite movie.  For over a year now they play it over and over, so last year we knew that this is what we would be .  Chloe’s birthday is really on October 5th, but we decided we would push her party back a few weeks so that we could have a Halloween bash.  Last year we had a luau, and an Elvis impersonator perform because he is her favorite guy, but she is extremely shy, and having been made the center of attention only freaked her out, so a costume party is perfect-dressing up and pretending to be someone else sits very well with her.  Eyes are on everyone – not just her.

I wish I could have shot more, but it was hard to do.  I was playing hostess, playing games with the little ones, and the event photographer. Neil thinks I’m nuts sometimes, but documenting is a must!    

Bella and Chloe’  kept taking off their wigs as you can see, which made them look like pilgrims. They complained that they itched too much after a while, and I said to them, “When Mommy knows she is about to wear her high heeled stilettos for hours, she knows that a slight pain may endure, but that is the price we pay for looking good – take heed girls!”

Man, I love Halloween!  I bet nobody could have guessed that:)   I just can’t wait to dress them up again and see what shots I’m going to get this year…

the two wendsday's and the hobo

chloe' and bailey

james jr- casper the friendly ghost

richard and she hulk

jay and his horse

bumble bee jason

the ravishing milisa

center of attention- bella

chloe'- opening gifts-5th birthday

michele-where is your witch hat


chloe' posing with her 5th birthday cake-bats

Chloe' blowing out her candels- 5th birthday


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