niko on halloween night


 the halloween tricksters


Niko, Isabella, Bella, Chloe’, & Jack

As you can see, Jack (who was Pugsley Addams) decided he didn’t want his makeup on, so what could I do.  It’s ok though because I’m not done taking pictures of them in their costumes.  I still have shooting to do of them when I have more time and am not rushed . 

We had a terrific day, I brewed a great soup during the day for supper.  A recipe that I had found of broccoli cheddar soup.  I made it from scratch- and to finish it up, I placed a hard boiled egg in the middle of the bowl with a black olive on top of it- for an eyeball.  It was delicious and adorable.  The kids loved the whole idea of it.  I wanted to find something good to eat to set as our own tradition because my mom used to brew a great beef stew every Halloween for my sister and I, but meat has not been part of my diet since I was 18.  I think I found a hit to replace it.

The kids spent the day playing and carving their pumpkin with their Uncle Rodd who came to visit.  He is like a big kid himself, the kids get so excited when they know he’s coming to play.

Dressed as Morticia Addams, and Grandma, as Grandma Addams we set out with my friend Michele to take the kids trick-or-treating.  Another friend Honey recommended the neighborhood we went to that is near by.  I’ve lived here for almost 5 years now and have never seen it before.  The name is  Sugar Mill- and it is breath taking!  The neighboorhood looked like a set out of the movies.  Huge homes decorated perfectly, surrounded by huge trees dangeling  spanish moss (my favorite).  Yes, if we won the lotto- I could consider a move to there.

All the pictures posted are basically every picture I took.  Jack was a little frightened, so most the time I had to hold him.  Thankfully I’ve been working out, otherwise I would never have the endurance to hold him for that long.  I should have brought a stroller.  I’m not  complaining really, the time is going by so fast, it’s flying by, and I have all of these fleeting moments I’m trying to hold on to.  I want them to be little for as long as possible.  The only complaint I have is that there isn’t enough time.

bella & niko on halloween

bella & chloe' happy halloween

bella & chloe' 2

bella & chloe' 3

wednesday- chloe' 1

wednesday- chloe' 2

wednesday- chloe' 3

grandma and pugsley

bella trick-or-treating


spooky house

creepy killer

creepy skeleton

2 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN~tRICK-oR-tREATIN ’09

  1. A mediocre artist sits around wondering what other people want to see/read/think and puts up some commercialized, mediocre crap. It takes a shallow jackass to do or appreciate that sort of “art”.

    A great artist tells great stories with their medium of choice, focusing only on the story that is in her/his heart to tell. It takes bravery to do this.

    Your photos tell such wonderful and brave stories that I always look forward to witnessing…


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