April 10th


Bella was my 1st muse.  From the beginning, she was what inspired me most.  She was why I decided to pick up a camera, and she was the one who taught me about the power and importance of photography.  This has been a journey we have taken together.

Now 7 years of age, she has transformed before my eyes into her next milestone.  Of my 3 children, Bella is the one in which I notice the most change.  It’s hard to explain, but she is visibly different to me now.  I guess that the baby has left, and the young girl has emerged.

All I do know is that the feeling of photographing her is a must.  I feel the semblance of time will be short, and I can’t miss a beat because her next milestone is waiting right around the corner.  I just can’t blink.

This photograph is so in the moment, her- just being her.  I had just arrived home with camera in tow, and there she was outside playing, waiting to greet me.

One thought on “April 10th

  1. Querida Jennifer, hermosas palabras dedicadas a tu musa BELLA, te felicito de todo corazon, te recuerdo siempre con amor, tia Tibisay


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