July 5th



Here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday.  I am wondering if I should change this layout to make the images larger.  It’s a little irritating with these shots because  you are really missing  the emotion on her face in a couple of these.  She was delivering.

For the past couple of years, I’ve tried to get into shooting 3 images a day.   At times I do well, and other times- I do not. Lately it has been good for me.  I know a lot of photographers do this rule of 3 too.  

Sometimes  I can go a few days in a row without picking up my camera, but there is barely a minute that goes by that I’m not thinking about photographing or photography in general.  I am constantly bouncing images off in my head, and for me that is what it’s really all about.  I LOVE the urge of having to create something special that will visually be my voice for what I have to say, cause-  I’ve got a lot to say!



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