July 16th





A couple of weeks ago I was at the park with my girlfriend and our 6 crazy zany kids, when this interestingly striking young girl came and sat next to me on the bench.  She seemed to have taken an interest in me, and began asking me lots of questions about myself.  I kept thinking as she was talking, “Hmmm, this girl is different.  She is my kind of people.”

I kept asking her what her name was, I wasn’t catching it at first.  Later it sunk in- LUCIDITY, how perfect!   She told me how old she was, but I forget.  I figure she must be 11, because she said that she was about to go into 6th grade.  I asked if she towers over others her age, she said yes.  I do hope she realizes what a lucky girl she is.

Anyway, once we said our goodbyes and I sat there watching her about to take off on her bike along with her dad and two younger sisters, I knew I would be kicking myself if I didn’t ask her dad if it was alright to photograph her one day.  My shyness tends to come and go at times, and I figured this was a moment to get over myself, so I ran over to them.   I’m sure glad I did.

We shot on Friday morning, at my favorite location, The Princess Place Preserve.  For having been her first time- she was amazing.  It can be awkward for anyone to have a camera pointed in their face, especially to an 11-year-old.   I understand the discomfort.  I hate when others take my picture, I’m only comfortable shooting myself.  Hmmm, maybe that could be one underlining reason I shoot so many self portraits? Or not.  Who knows why I do what I do. 

Anyhoo, I couldn’t have asked for more, she’s a doll.  Not to mention- a big sweetheart.  Super glad I trusted my instincts-  that little voice inside me.  I do hope we work together again. 

  I added 2 images to my website of her.  One is my favorite shot from the shoot.  It was the last series of images I took.  We are in the horse stables, and she is clinging to the bars.  I asked her to do something specific- and she delivered on the first shot!  When I can feel an emotion in a photograph, that is what is breathtaking to me.  This image is breathtaking.


Also, her mom, Heather Montgomery is a hair stylist/makeup artist, if anyone is in need. Please contact me if you would like her contact information.





2 thoughts on “July 16th

  1. Hi, I am lucidity I wanted to say thank you so much. I loved working with you.I am now 12 and turning 13 on sept. 14. I hope to work with you some more soon.thank you for the nice comments. hope to work with you again goodbye


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