July 15th




I can’t believe a week has passed by already since these pictures were taken.  Time slips by so fast.

It was a great day spent with dear friends at White Springs, owned by my friends Sooz and Russ.   It’s the most amazing place.  I tell her if  I lived out there I would probably never leave, there would be no need to.  I’m  automatically inspired just being there.   I should take pictures of all the surroundings, but you really have to be there to truly absorb its essence.

  I had a mission when I was there.  I wanted to shoot two images for my “ties that bind us” series, but the stars did not aligning for me that day.  The weather and light did not cooperate.  I was totally bummed, but at least I was able to tighten my visions by scooping out my exact locations to shoot at.  Luckily, I had brought a bag of tricks along with me just to do other things, and that is what took place in the photos up above.

My kids are in heaven there, chasing the goats, the dogs, the ducks, the chickens…those that all roam freely.  I captured some wonderful photographs of them there, one that I will definitely add to my “les enfants” series, at a later date.  I’m going to hang on to it for now.

Below are a couple of cute, behind the sence snap shoots I took of setting up for one of my images that never came to be.  I am very excited about getting back out there and making this happen.  My goal is to finish my ties that bind us series.  Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve just been forming these images in my head.  There are 7, that I plan on shooting that I think will make this a concrete body of work.  I’m deeply, emotionally vested into this series, it’s very personal and important to me.  I truly hope that it will come full circle visually, the way that it plays out in my mind. 

Sean & Janna 

here is just a funny shot of the girls trying to wrangle one of the goats

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