Marty’s Memorial



March, 13th 2011


I woke up early this morning for my 4 hour drive to Sarasota, FL to pay my respects to a really great man.  It’s only been a month since I shot Mavis and Marty’s beautiful wedding at The Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, and it was just a little over a week ago that the three of us had dinner out together there.    Marty had been ill, but was in great spirits, though his passing came much earlier than expected.

It was so nice to see how many family and friends came to pay their respect.  He was very loved and respected by many. 

And, my favorite photo that I took at their wedding- you now can see why I said it spoke a 1,000 words.

My heart is with Mavis.

One thought on “Marty’s Memorial

  1. Mavis, I was so excited to hear about your wedding and so saddened to hear of your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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