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                                                                                           image /Stephen Chalmers


I’ve never posted on here someone else’s work, but I just caught a link off of Flax Photo Network’s page displaying a series of photographs by Stephen Chalmers, called “dumpsites”.  They are so good, and wonderfully executed.  They happen to be  locations in which serial killers abandoned their victims bodies. As unimaginable as it may be, the images and locations are hauntingly beautiful. 

 With so much conversation as to whether or not it is important to use text…these images hold on their own.  I would have to say that this image is my favorite.  It is a breath-taking landscape, one that your mind could get lost in. It’s chilling and ironic that the image most captivating is the one with the most victims.  It shouldn’t be, but I’m not surprised by the fact that it is either.

 My husband and I have been fascinated by the Casey Anthony trial, it’s been hard to break away and not listen to all of this testimony.   For me it is just numbing to believe that such horrible things really happen.

 The issue of mortality  it’s something I’ve definitely been on a quest for answers and understanding on for some time, something that started when I was younger.  I can’t even remember when that all began…

People are usually thrown by the fact that I have a BS in criminal justice,  but really it all makes sense.


One thought on “sharing a link

  1. A student at our school, I think it was Tyson Robertson, did a series much like this one only it was photos of locations people have killed themselves. That may be a little bit more telling since the people chose that location for themselves to die. Though this one by Stephen Chalmers creeps me out a lot more.


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