Pennsylvania 2012

Jack at Rocky Acre Farms, Mount Joy, PA  2012

This is probably my favorite image from our trip. We had checked in at 4pm and there were eight or so other families who did as well. At the time I took this shot everyone was hanging outside, drinking their wine, and taking in the beautiful surroundings while all the children ran about and played.  I just happened to catch a split second when no one else was in the frame.  If only you could see what was actually going on all around me you would be amazed that this picture even came to be.  I love this photo for all of the elements that help create that sense of solitude that is reflected. It’s not that Jack is just alone, but being so small in the frame surrounded by this big farm and massive cyclones are what really help take you into that personal space.

My yearning is always to catch that unexplainable feeling that makes me feel whole. It’s when an idea comes to mind and then I’m about to take that picture  knowing that something special is about to happen; it is like some sort of sixth sense sets in.  That aha moment right before I click the shutter,is one of the best feelings about photographing. It’s a rush, a high, something I’m always chasing after.

The Barn – 1, Mount Joy, PA  2012

Rocky Acre Farms Bed & Breakfest, Mount Joy, PA  2012

Painting, RAF, Mount Joy, PA  2012

This painting hung in the stairwell of our room.  I wish I could have taken it home.

Bella in our room, RAF, Mount Joy, PA  2012

The Barn – 2, Mount Joy, PA  2012

Bella, RAF, Mount Joy, PA  2012

Private cemetery, Mount Joy, PA  2012

Bella at the creek, RAF, Mount Joy, PA  2012

The Barn – 3, Mount Joy, PA  2012

The Cows, RAF, Mount Joy, PA  2012

The Pond, Lancaster, PA  2012

John & Grace, Lancaster, PA  2012

Lancaster, PA  2012

John, Lancaster, PA  2012

This is the water well that John built in the back of their home that provides them clean water.  The well is just adjacent to the pond in the picture above. John is an amazing carpenter.

I did speak about this on my facebook page.  John and Sadie are Amish and Sadie’s family goes back generations being close friends with my family. It was so wonderful to see them.  It was such a treat for the kids and I to go for a ride in their buggy.  Unfortunately this trip was so fast, I wish we could have spent more time with them.  I’m so looking forward to the next time.

It was thrilling to see one of my pictures hanging in their home. An honor really. John was gracious to let me include him in my picture-taking, since it is something they do not do.

John & Sadie’s, Lancaster, PA  2012

Strasburg Railroad, Lancaster, PA  2012

Strasburg Railroad, Lancaster, PA  2012

Aunt Barb, Parkesburg, PA  2012

This was the real purpose of our trip, to visit my Aunt Barb and Uncle Jack.  She is really my great-aunt, but I’ve never thought of her that way, she is just my aunt.  Aunt Barb, is my grandmother’s sister, her only sibling.  She is four years younger than my grandmother, and is 84 years old.  Aunt Barb and my uncle Jack live in the house that was once my great-grandparents.  She is the only one left who knows all of the family history and all the great family stories.

My Aunt Barb suffers greatly from Osteoporosis. She can break a bone in her back simply by sneezing. She is very delicate and can barely lift her head these days.  The condition is painful to her, but despite all of it she is as witty and sassy as ever. She has maintained her orneriness she’s had since a little girl. My Chloe’ is a spitting image of her as a child, with her personality too.

My uncle Jack developed Macular Degeneration a few years back, and it is progressing greatly in one eye. He is about to undergo cataract surgery in the “so called” better eye.  He is the only one who drives, and with all of this it is like watching an hour glass pass- how much time is left until they will no longer be able to take care of themselves? A great weight of worry weighs being that they are all alone up their in PA.

Chloe’ & Uncle Jack, Parkesburg, PA  2012

Pictures on the wall, Parkesburg, PA  2012

Aunt Barb & Teddy, Parkesburg, PA  2012

Living Room, Parkesburg, PA,   2012

In her room, Parkesburg, PA,  2012

Together, Parkesburg, PA  2012

Cemetery view, Parkesburg, PA,  2012

True Love-Mom Mom & Pop Pop, Parkesburg, Pa  2012 

My Mom Mom and Pop Pop met in the 4th grade and were inseparable for the rest of their lives.  I miss them deeply.

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