Les Enfants by Jennifer Kaczmarek

Here is a link to fotovisura. You can see my “Les Enfants”, series here.  I’ve included new images that I haven’t updated yet on my site. The statement is still yet to come.

Les Enfants by Jennifer Kaczmarek.

5 thoughts on “Les Enfants by Jennifer Kaczmarek

  1. Your girls are growing up so quick. The other photo was shot with respect. Thanks, David


    WordPress.com jenniferkaczmarek posted: “Les Enfants by Jennifer Kaczmarek.”


  2. I love this series and your sally Mann influence in some of the shots. Though, I think the portfolio would be stronger with less images. There were a handful that are just not as impactful compared to the others. If you would like to edit them down I would be glad to help. But either way it’s wonderful.


    1. Thanks Quenby. My thoughts exactly, so I’m glad you confirmed. There is a tighter edit that Jerry did that will be on Lenscratch soon (15 images). Then I went through because I had so many left out and I still left out a bunch on my site, but I keep looking at it and it doesn’t feel right.
      So, I will go back through sometime today and take out a handful and let me know what you think, ok. Thanks I appreciate it!


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