Caleb, WEED: The Story of Charlotte’s Web

Caleb, age 8, lives in Jacksonville, FL. Caleb’s mother is under investigation by CPS for giving him cannabis. Yesterday I met Tara Thrift’s children for the first time. Tara and I first met in Tampa this past February. Tara is a Cannamom, the Cannamoms  are a group of mother’s that formed a  non-profit to advocate for not only their own children, but for the lives of all children that are suffering, and whose families are fighting for the right to have cannabis as a choice of medicine.

Tara’s son, Caleb has intractable epilepsy and two brain malformations. He has had tremendous positive results thanks to cannabis. Examples being; huge reduction in seizures and migraines. It has also completely erased his erratic behavior, and enabled him to have an appetite again.
Also, he is now able to read and it is helping with his writing. (Struggle with writing due to right side paralysis in his right arm and hand). Prior, Caleb was unable to show any emotions at all, and now he shows emotion. He can express himself, including being able to show love; hugs and kisses, and saying I love you.

More to come….

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