July 10th




Taken first thing this morning.  I wanted a picture of Jack with his  Spiderman tattoos that Bella had put on him.  I grabbed my camera to capture the sweet silence that  was still in the air. The three of them rarely sleep in their own beds anymore, they only ever want to sleep in the guest bedroom.  You would think that they would want their space, but they love being together.  They actually sleep better, which is good – because the musical chairs that takes place in middle of the night is exhausting to me.

I added another image to my Les Enfants series,  this was taken at the same time, and it is pretty funny.  Chloe’ is in the photo awake laying next to them.  I asked her to take her fingers out of her mouth,but instead she left them in and with her other hand closed her one eyelid shut.  The finger she used looks like she is giving me a dirty gesture, although that was not her intent -she doesn’t even know what it means.  She’s never even seen anyone do it before. 

It’s nice to know that they are still innocent, at least for now.




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